Finnish 9mm Herter's box


If, according to Ray, ammo boxes are girls, then this one is a Marilyn Monroe, maybe not new, a bit worn, but still shiny and beautiful. How young is she? Note a special customs officials message.





Interesting. I thought I had one of those boxes so I dug it out and guess what. Mine is .401 MAG, word for word the exact same box except made in Sweden. I suppose Sweden is Norma whereas Finland is Lapua?



Ray, if your box is 9x19mm, look at your “9MM” in the headstamp, it may look like “9m/m”.


Herters headstamped cases were made in Finland, Canada and Sweden at different times. All three headstamps in 9x19mm are distinct. A comparison of the three headstamps and the five different box styles are posted on my website at:

Nice box,