Finnish Ammunition Depots

Does anyone have a list of Finnish ammunition depots? Also, it is correct to interpret “AV” or “Ase V” as “Asevarikko” and/or “Asevarikon Vallitustyöt”?

AV meant Asevarikko (Weapons depot), there were also abbreviations KV (=Keskusvarikko, Central depot) and ATV (Ampumatarvikevarikko, Ammunition depot) used.

The Finnish depots changed their names and locations several times, so actually Fede’s question is a hard one to answer. I don’t have a complete list, but here are some to begin with:

This all in 1939-40:
AV 1: Helsinki
AV 2: first in Viipuri (Vyborg), then in Jepua (as ATV 5)
AV 3 and ATV 3: Kuopio
AV 4, later ATV 4: Ilmajoki
ATV 1: Vammala
ATV 2: Jyväskylä, later in Lievestuore
ATV 6: Jyväskylä
ATV 7: Keuruu
ATV 8: Ähtäri/Inha

in 1941:
ATV 2 Lievestuore was changed as AV 2
ATV 6 Jyväskylä was changed as AV 6
AV 1: Vammala
AV 3: Kuopio
AV 4: Ilmajoki, later Liperi/Ylämylly
AV 5: Kokkola
AV 7: Keuruu
AV 8: Ähtäri/Inha
AV 9: Orimattila/Uusikylä

in 1943:
AV 11: Ilmajoki

in 1944
AV 4: Iisalmi
AV 2, 4, 5, 8 and 11 changed to ATV 2, 4, 5, 8 and 11

Confusing, huh?

Mika, great informantion, thanks for sharing.

The changes and multiple locations are indeed confusing.