Finnish Browning 12,7 mm ammunition

Does anyone know what types of rounds the Finnish used in their 12,7 mm Browning guns during the war, like the Colt MG 53-2 and 12,70 LKk/42?

The finnish Airforce used amerikan made cartridges Ball, AP and Tracer. She used also finnish made Ball, AP (green Tip), AP-T (blue over white Tip) and Incendiary (yellow Tip). My pictures shows the Ball and AP-T.

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The yellow tip sounds interesting, is it possible of Finnish origin? Also do you have any reference for these?

A drawing of the incendiary is shown in the book by Pitkänen and Simpanen “Military Rifle and machine gun ammunition in Finland prior 1945” and it also shows the Finnish headstamp.

Hm so after checking out these cartridges it seems they are of Finnish design, at least the APT and Incendiary. @MikaPitkanen do you happen to have some info regarding the origin of these rounds?

Finns made only AP (green trip), AP-T (blue-white tip) and incendiary (yellow tip) ammunition. Bullets and cases were made at Tikkakoski factory in 1941-44 and mostly loaded there too.

What I would give for a Finnish 12,7…
Thanks for the info Mika.


So you do not know if they were designed by the Finnish? I have checked around for similar US rounds in the years leading up to the Finnish adopting the Brewster Buffalo and there is no APT and no Incendiary with that length. Do you have any blueprints for these rounds so we can do comparisons?

All information there is about Finnish 12,7 mm wartime ammunition is in my book as mentioned before.

I think i just hit a jackpot. So in the Swedish air force ammo manual 1948 and 1957 there are two colors for the 12,7 mm pprj m/45, which is the Swedish designation for the US .50 AP M2 cartridge. The first one is black like the american one but the second one is green, which does not comply with any US or Swedish markings. I think Sweden bought Finnish 12,7 mm AP ammo.
Sry for posting the pic from the book.

Or British!


US production for the UK.

Voila (source: internet)!
12.7x99_AP_USA for England

Interesting. From when is this box?


Source: Labbett’s pamphlet on British .50 ammo

That is surely interesting. I need to find me one of them green tipped pprj m/45’s so i can check.
Btw do you happen to have the steel core weight for the AP M2?

I don’t but I am sure many people here can provide it soon.


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Here’s an RAF .50” AP WWII contract round from Lake City, Pete.
image image

A Remington factory dummy. Green being the British annulus code for AP
50bmg AP brit contract hs