Finnish Lahti ammo tip colors

What are the projectile colors for the Finnish Lahti 20 mm anti-tank gun ammunition? I can not locate the information in my files.


Which one do you want info on, the 20x113mm Lahti L-34 or the 20 x 138mmB Finland Lahti L-39?



Both versions if possible.
Thank you,
Jim Alley

20x113mm Lahti L-34 round types, I obtained this off the internet years ago and failed to list the source.

Left: 135g Solid AP(Practice/Unhardened steel)
Middle: 150g AP-T(New and old colorings)
Right: Loaded with Italian 136g HE-T(SD)


bdgreen, thank you!. I add it to my file so I can find hopefully again. Jalley

The source of that image would be “20mm Suomessa” (20mm in Finland) by Mika Pitkanen and Timo Simpanen. Covers the guns and range of ammunition used by the Finnish forces.
A book largely in Finnish but also has English captions,so enough to get some good info from and a very nice selection of similar images.

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Thank you for the Information. Where can ‘20mm Suomessa” be obtained.

Jim Alley


I got my copy from an ebay seller in the USA a few years ago,at the time a reasonable price.
Try searching the ISBN;978-952-5026-59-7. published in 2007, alternative English title is “20 mm in Finland - Weapons and Ammunition prior to 1945”.


Bob, Thank you.