Finnish 'Partizan' cartridges?

I am not sure what to make of this website so thought I would post it to get some thoughts from anyone in the know and maybe some actual pics of some of the loads mentioned.

I know next to nothing about this subject but for some reason it caught my interest. The talk about the “Lead alloy bullet 7.62 mm SAKO 110A (LYIJYÄ)” also got my interest as SAKO is one of my collecting fields.

Well I guess all I can say is discuss and I will read with interest and hopefully learn a few things…

Some years ago a well informed researcher from Finland told me that the source of this “black cartridge” info was a rather questionable gun journalist.

Also there is no mention in Pitkänen’s book (as far as my lousy Finnish allows me to study it).

Western collectros being cheated with tracer cartridges as being subsonic “BraMits”? Such a “collector” would not deserve any better in my eyes - if he would exist. Maybe a good indicator for the background of the source (discrediting it).

Very interesting information about the 0.308" bore of the Finnish M-Ns. I have a Finnish Civil Guard (SY) M28 M-N (which has some characteristics of both the M27 and M28), in which I have fired a considerable amount of former ComBloc surplus 7.62 X 54Rmm ammo. Several weeks ago, I got into a discussion on another website with someone who stated the groove diameter of the M28 bore was 0.308", not 0.310", at least those M28s having Swiss SIG barrels, as mine does. Nice to see that verified in print, as I will use 0.308" bullets in reloading from now on. The few M28s I have seen also are covered with a hodgepodge of serial numbers and crossed-out serial numbers (as mine also does), so I guess many were made up out of random parts. I’ve never had any Finnish 7.62 X 54Rmm ammo - does it use the .308" bullet, as I would assume?

By the way - I had a friend (who is well placed enough to know) tell me that M-N rifles are in wide use by shipboard security teams placed aboard some ships sailing in pirate-infested waters, the reason being that they are cheap enough to pitch over the side if a ship enters a port at which small arms are prohibited.

Dennis, I been told by Finnish researchers that the same (different diameter) goes for the 7.62x39.

I believe that US manufactured 7.62 X 39 ammo also uses a 0.308" bullet, but I have not measured it.

I just checked SAAMI specs - they say .309"-0.311" for the 7.62 X 39, but what bullet diameter is actually loaded at present, I don’t know.

I only have one loose Finnish Mosin bullet and it mikes .3095 in., which by my unguaranteed recollection is pretty typical of Finnish bullets for the 7.62 m/m rimmed cartridge. This bullet is one of the 166 gr. (10.8 g.) flatbase type from a VPT44 cartridge. As far as the random parts situation in Finnish small arms is concerned all the Finnish Mosins were rebuilds of Russian-made receivers and bolts. Jack