Finnish rounds from 7.62X 54R ammo

what commercial cartridges were made from 7.62 X 54R ammo?
I know only 2 of them:8.2 X 53R and 9.2 X 53R


There is also a 6x54R (wildcat designated “EPA” - the initials of the guy developed it, he is also a well known collector) but there must be more, including more wildcats. The specialists here will enlighten us soon I hope.

I agree.There must be a lot of wildcats based on the 7.62 X 54R.However I know only 2 cartridges made from this case and produced commercially (by Lapua I think,my 8.2 X 53R sample was made by that factory)

The Russians also made some derivates.

Since WW2, Finnish companies produced at least five modifications of the 7.62x53R Russian Mosin-Nagant case (aka 7.62x54R : the Finnish Army Standard Rifle calibre of the time). During the period after WW2 and before 1950 a series of four sporting calibres from 6.3-9.3mm were commercially introduced in Finland. All of these were produced by both Lapua and Sako. The exact company that introduced them is not known for sure but it was probably Sako. They are all shown in a c1946 Sako catalog with Sako being generally known more for designing new case types and often produced these calibres longer. However early examples of these calibres also exist with the Lapua

5,7x53R, 6,3x53R, 7x53R, 8,2x53R, 9,3x53R