Finnish (?) translation

What does mean :
Normaalipanoksen Pürustus

Google says “Normal Bond Dismissal”.

Knowing the context might help.

here it is
under the title is is written in french : copy of a drawing



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This is really old nomenclature…

“7,62 mm normaalipanoksen piirustus” translates to “a drawing of a 7.62 mm ball cartridge”.

Nobody had put it in that way since the early 1920s. Since the mid-1920s it’s been “7,62 mm kova patruuna”.


I guess Google translate really nailed that one!

thank you very much

I don’t find either Tompakkia and Lyija

Tompakkia Tombak …Gilding metal 90/10
Lyija Lead.
Doc AV

I am ok to understand any language is changing during the time.
But from what I know about italian, french, english, german) i never seen such a change in the words.
It looks like the words beetwen 1920 and now have nothing in common.
Perhaps finnish language like we know now was not the official language at the beginning of the century or there were two languages ??
(lead for example is from a dictonnary Johtaa and not Lyija and so on)

Since Finland became independent from Russia 100 years ago it has had two official languages, Finnish and Swedish.

Norwegian has changed rapidly since the early 1900s too so this is not some situation specific to Finland. 1920s manuals of small arms are written in what today seems almost ancient, and has many words and grammatical features which are long discontinued. Even books from the 1960-1970s have many words which are completely unused now.


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thank you very much

Johtaa is a verb, meaning to lead. It has nothing to do with the noun lyijy which means the element lead (Pb).