Fins big and small



8 INCH DS projectile and an assortment of MBA “soda straw” rockets with venturi , fuzes and propellant.


What were those tiny MBA rockets fired from? Were they purely designed to cause damage due to their sharpness or did they explode on impact?


These were designed to carry bio/chem toxins on the tip and could be fired from a standard soda straw or a variety of platforms including a remote control repeating launcher.

Note the 4 prong collar on some which is a bore rider needed to fire from a tube.


I originally thought they were fired in some other manner and intended as battle weapons rather than clandestine weapons, thanks for putting me right. How are they ignited when fired from a soda straw?


The top right hand container in the photo is filled with platinum wires coated with primer compound. These fed out the base of the rocket and could be ignited by match,cap or electric spark.

The next container to the left contains the venturiis which seated in the base of the rocket. They are white plastic. The propelling charges were sticks of pressed powder.

Delivery systems of many kinds were developed. However these micromissiles requires a powerfull bio/chem agent for effective use and all such development and use was cancelled in 1970.

These were never close to deployment but have been the source of much mythology from James Bond to the assassination of JFK. All of it BS , of course.


I wonder if one could make some of those? You can buy the Estes type black powder rocket kits here in the UK (I have a couple), so why not very small rockets, suitable for use in a large indoor area? I don’t see any legal problem with that.


Experimenting with British ammo laws doesn’t sound like a winner to me. When you get into court and start arguing definitions it gets very expensive. Like much ordnance there are grey areas which are undefined. In US law,for instance, there is no answer as to the question - is a projectile fuze a projectile under the destructive device law? A destructive device shell contains more than 1/4 oz of explosives or incendiary mixture. Many fuzes contain more than 1/4 oz of explosives- are they a PROJECTILE under the law and so subject to this provision ? This has not been answered.

These micromissiles are available in the US for $100 or less from time to time. They were first called “JAVETTES” and later “FINJETS” . They come in several colors,shapes.materials including aluminum which are the rarest.


Motors and electrical igniters for the Estes kits are classed as fireworks here, so free to posess.


Falcon - you still need to look at all the laws. Sometimes the design of things will carry something into another category. I can tell you with pretty good confidence that most of the objects pictured in this thread, regardless if they are little rockets, would be classified as “flechettes” in California, due to the fact they have points and stabilizers (like little arrows), and in this state, a felony crime to possess. My point is, you need to look into firearms and ammunition laws as well as laws regarding fireworks. It could well be that your laws in England would permit these - I don’t know much about British Law - but better safe than sorry.


Here one can have guns and ammunition but not fireworks. There you can’t have guns or live ammunition BUT you can have fireworks ?


CSA - Are fireworks only banned in some states? I have seen them for sale in the USA. 4th July in Washington DC must be a miserable occasion.

John - Would the Kalifornia flechettes law cover darts used to play darts in pubs? They have points and stabilisers. They were actually used as hand thrown weapons by soccer hooligans in the UK in the 1970s. Not very pleasant being hit by one if it is thrown upwards hard into the air hard towards an opposing crowd so it comes down with a trajectory (OUCH!).

Anybody in the USA who doesn’t know what soccer hooligans are, mainly in the 1970 and '80s, mobs of drunken supporters supporting each team at a soccer match would have sometimes extremely violent battles in the streets outside the stadium, with table legs, belts, beer bottles, bricks and anything else to hand used as a weapon. England still has a reputation among Europe for being a nation of Drunken Barbarians because of this. Oh well, it’s nothing new, it has been our reputation since medieval times.


Fireworks ordnances are local laws. They are legal in DC but illegal in the 2 counties in Maryland which surround it. Every holiday-especially the 4th of July- locals are arrested for trying to bring fireworks from DC into Maryland counties. The fire marshalls are very serious about this and far more serious than the Federal and State govts. are about enforcing immigration laws. When they catch illegal aliens with the fireworks they give them a ticket to appear and let them go. When they catch a citizen with the same they get arrested and you can be sure that they had BETTER appear in court.

Kaleefornya laws?- likely rocks , photos of guns and ammo and sharp sticks are illegal but Sikhs can carry their ceremonial daggers to public schools. You figure it out. The pornography , postitution and drug laws are pretty liberal though -so choose your poison.


Same with this country…commit a real crime, get off with a minor inconvenience of a small fine or jail term in one of our “holiday camps”, but get caught with a collection of live ammo when you have no gun permit…and you’re in really hot water.


Good question about darts (of the type used for the game) in California. I don’t know and I wouldn’t ask DOJ. Don’t want to put ideas into their heads. Of course, that would be carrying an already needless law (how many crimes have been comitted in California with Flechettes - have never heard of one) to total absurdity.


Absurdity is the new base line for many lawmakers. Do the math; Lawmakers are by far lawyers who make their money by interfacing the legal system for the non-lawyers. They want and need more and more laws which are complex, hard to understand and catch more and more folks in their net of complication. It has always been so.

The brief spark of wise law established in the US Constitution has been eroded into such a net of complexity by the very folks who it was established to protect the society from.

How many of the founding fathers were lawyers?