Fiocchi 12ga "chemical tracers"

Fiocchi has just recently announced that they will be selling 12ga (3/4oz #8 shot) tracer shells designed for training & competition which use a cyalume (glowstick chemical) tracer component. It’s non-pyrophoric and thus gets around any anti-tracer rules anywhere. Here is a video:

The little cyalume canister is positioned ahead of the shot, and apparently if you hit a clay target with the canister directly, it will explode and light up the disintegrated clay dust with a glowing light in dusk conditions (cool). That was according to their website description, and you can see it happen in the video above at the 33 second mark. I guess little canisters of glowing cyalume get shot out to wherever you are aiming, but they claim it is non-toxic and biodegradable.

Do you have to activate them a few minutes before firing or are they automatically activated by the acceleration?

I assumed that the shock of being fired activated the capsule automatically, but the description doesn’t say one way or the other. These might even be legal in the U.K.! Or at least as legal as any other 12ga shell is to purchase, and would thus be the coolest load to have for the barely-allowed fowl guns over there.

I bet they find some excuse to ban them.

Next week I will visit the italian national gun fair…I will ask some info about these loads to some Fiocchi guy

Anyway they will be legal in Italy ( where tracers are illegal) …so I think they will be legal in UK too

Chemical tracers may fall foul of UK law if it is bigger than .360" which is the maximum legal shot size. Obviously the law is intended to mean a lead projectile but once the box tickers get their hands on it anything can happen. It could still be classified as a projectile

The same 2 component compoung is used in 40mm grenade launcher practice projectiles (HV and LV). Used by the US military and made in Germany.
Same exists in IR.

I finally picked up a box of these this past weekend and have a couple photos of how they look. The cup holding the shot is extended nearly to the end of the shell to hold the tracer component, which is basically a two-part glow stick. The glow stick is opaque plastic with orange cyalume chemical and has a plastic obturating disc of sorts on its base. The glow stick itself weighs 103gr and the actual glow effect lasts for about 40 seconds, as demonstrated by a Fiocchi rep in this video (probably at SHOT show 2011):
Of course one only needs the glow effect to last a few seconds in practice.

There was a business card inside the box which was an advisory to use the shells at dusk, or with a dark background to them so as to aid in seeing the trace. Also, there is an expiration date sticker on the back of the box which says Jan, 2013 on mine, but the tracer stick still glows when cracked. Light sticks do have a sort of shelf life, and they glow less visibly after sitting on the shelf for many years. The headstamp is: FIOCCHI 12