Fiocchi 610 Magnum

It came home with me from SLICS & has a copper primer with an impressed flaming bomb, a .618" high brass non-magnetic head with what looks like an aluminum inner reinforcement going a little higher than the head and new empty red paper body. 2.727" oa & head is .696" (slightly larger than a 20 bore)
What is it? & thanks

for Fiocchi:
410 is 12 mm Magnum
510 is 24 Magnum
610 is 20 Magnum
710 is 12 Magnum

Interesing , thanks JP

Pete, it seems that these originate from some sort of post-WWII agreement between a small number of Italian and French companies, where they decided to use that designations to identify 3 inch magnum loads and the guns chambered for them. I have never made a list on the subject, but they were used by the following companies: Breda, Cartoucherie Française, Fiocchi, Harpax, Humbert, MGM, and Tunet. I’m sure there must be others.

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Thanks Fede
Think I got these from one of the Dutch table holders & they were asking me what I knew about them. Which was nothing,…but I needed one.

I wonder what the thinking behind the agreement was.

In checking some more 20 bore French shells, I find those marked 20 have .689" heads so this is slightly larger & not smaller as I wrote & have now corrected above.

So perhaps a small change in the chamber? I have no idea how much range would be allowed in manufacturing tolerances by the countries, ammunition & gun makers involved.

A marketing ploy?

Also isn’t that a DWM primer?

The DWM bomb has three short flames coming from it, one upwards and the other two horizontally.

Pete, it’s a Fiocchi “Fiamma” (Flame) covered primer.

Thank you both.