Fiocchi 9 mm Parabellum box, German language, 1954

I don’t remember having seen this one before.

The early date surprises me.

BTW, abreissen means tear off.

Fede, Thank you for sharing.

I only knew of the WW2 boxes with German text.


Fede, I have the same box. It was the very first lot that was delivered to the German Federal Border Police.


Rolf’s answer pretty much says it, but no one should be surprised at the early date of this Fiocchi 1954 ammunition. It was just at the time that West Germany was allowed to rearm certain police units, and perhaps the Bundeswehr, to include the manufacture of their own ammo and small arms, and the German ammunition factories were not able to meet the earliest, immediate needs. I would have been surprised if the date was much later.

Thank you all for your comments. Was the ammunition headstamped “GFL 9M38 954”?

Just a detail, the German Federal Police used Beretta Mod. 38 sub machine guns in the early days, so the use of Italian ammunition makes sense.

Same contract in .30 Carbine (headstamp is G.F.L. .30M1 955):


Re the .30M1 Carbine Packet, GFL was also making this cartridge for the Italian Army and Carabinieri ( as was Leon Beaux); Note the Germanic layout of the Assembly info: ZDHT …SUR… Denoting a Non-corrosive GFL primer, adopted in the 1950s.

Doc AV