Fiocchi 9x19mm Leaflet, Circa Mid 2000's


Enlarged view of the cartridge, diagram, bullet illustration section of the leaflet. Note the inconsistencies in the illustrations for each of the last two (AP) cartridges.

Below is a close-up of one of the box labels shown on the leaflet, the lot # is GFL 5-37-03.
Does the " 03 " in the lot number indicated 2003 production?


Poly Case ARX and other loadings
9mm Polycase "Inceptor" frangible ammo

Brian this flyer was still issued in 2008.
If it was already out in 2003 I can not say but normally flyers get obsolote after like max 3 years and Fiocchi is normally very current with their catalogs.
I would guess this flyer is then from about 2007/2008.
Maybe someone else has more info.



Thanks for the info and date range. I will change the title to reflect this.