Fiocchi Cartridge Query

Is this cartridge a Fiocchi version of a red flare like the L.Beaux “Comet” shells?
Typical yellow dog head case but red painted wad and mouth.
61.5mm loaded length. Does anyone have a box photo?
Were they also made in other colours like the Comet flares?

Per Polveri Dense: for Dense Powders, ie, such as Dupont’s Bulk PB, a nitro powder to replace Black powder. I don’t know the Italuan equivalent…Nobels Avigliana and Baschieri & Pellagri were known Powder makers in the early shotgun era…B&P still makes shotshells and Powders.

The lenght slso suggests the 65mm Shell ( 2.5 inches, normal for old BP guns. And early smokeless guns.
I would suggest the MADE IN ITALY stamp is post WWII, possibly 1950s.
Shotshells are not my specialty but Italian cartridges interest me.
Doc AV