Fiocchi EMB and Guilford ANSB Sections


9mm Fiocchi EMB (expansion monoblock bullet) 92 gr or 100gr +P+ Extrema for machine gun use. A complete package ammo for engaging soft, hard and targets behind cover. Features design that varies the expansion according to the hardness of the material impacted. Solid core design allows ammo to penetrate hard targets and expands in soft ones. Used by military and law enforcement around the world. Patents still held by Hirtenburg/Winters, but Fiocchi arranged to produce EMB 4/8/2005.

GEA/ 9x19mm Guilford Cyclone ANSB (annular nose solid base) Basicly same as Cyclone except is a bit shorter with a thicker copper jacketed base, and not fully hollow. Intresting story in “Solidier Of Fortune” Sept 1993, that the FBI, SWAT, and ATF used these at the Branch/ Davidian compound raid in Waco Texas. According to article, an officer accidently shot himself in the leg immediately prior to the raid.
Thanks again Matt for everything.
References : “Pistol Caliber Penetrators”, by Mathew Collins