Fiocchi Herter's


Just recovered two Herter’s 9mm Luger 115-gr FMJ boxes (both lot 0125169004, 25 January 2011?) and a live round and fired cases. Boxes state “LOADED IN THE USA” and “Manufactured by Fiocchi Ammunition, Ozark, Missouri”. Case is brass, headstamp “G.F.L. (over) 9mm LUGER”, nickel-plated primer, bullet is non-magnetic brass-jacketed FMJ. Tray is a black plastic version of the normally clear plastic Fiocchi tray. Above the “Manufactured by Fiocchi Ammunition” is “9HAP” which I assume is the product/catalog number.


I hadn’t heard of new ammunition being sold under the Herter’s brand. Who sells it? I shot a lot of Herter’s ammunition back in the 60s-70s when Herter’s existed as a company. I miss them, their catalog was a hoot, could never keep one as they always got stolen. I think there is some relationship between the old Herter’s and Bass Pro Shop, but I don’t know the nature of it, possibly BPS bought the Herter’s name.

Herter’s of Waseca MN was principally an importer and retailer. As I remember, the old Herter’s ammunition and reloading components came from Sweden, but were not Norma.


The old Herters 9mm Brass came from Sweden, Finland and Canada at different times according to the boxes. Most was just cases but they also sold some loaded 9mm ammo. The newest Herters I know of comes in both steel case made by Ulyanovsk and the brass case made by GFL. It is available in a couple of places on the internet. None of the current stuff has Herter’s headstamps.



Cabela’s are selling ammo using the Herter’s brand the cartridges though are headstamped from Russia. They also handle Herters with the Blazer stamp and then another US ? company which loads the brass handgun ammo


Maybe I had it wrong and it’s Cabelas that has some relationship with the old Herter’s, and not BPS. There’s a Cabelas just south of Austin, about 60 miles away, and the next time I’m close by, I’ll check it out.


Dennis - it is Cabela’s that owns the Herter’s name, not BPS. Cabela’s basically grew out of the ashes of Herter’s. I guess their stores are something to see. There is one right over the border of California/Nevada on the route to Reno. I have meant to stop there and see it on several occasions, but time or other circumstances didn’t allow it. Have never been to a Bass Pro Shop either, although there is one about 110 miles from here, out in the Central Valley.


We have a BPS here in San Antonio and also a Cabela’s about 60 miles away in Buda TX, south of Austin. I have been to both several times. Cabela’s is, in my opinion, the more interesting. It has a lot of wildlife displays, stuffed animals, etc, sort of like a natural history museum. Both have departments that deal in firearms of historical and collectable interest, with prices to match, in addition to modern firearms. Both carry a lot of ammunition and reloading supplies, along with about everything else of an outdoor nature (fishing, camping, hiking, boating, etc.) I think their prices are on the high side, but I guess their quality is good. BPS, at least the local one, is somewhat unusual as they have a fairly large gunsmith shop on premises, and also an indoor small arms range that charges by the hour. I may be wrong, but I don’t believe Cabella’s has those. I have bought very little from either place, as I do better over the internet or at gun shows.

My personal favorite for shooting-related merchandise (ammunition, reloading supplies and equipment, etc.) was a chain called Sportsman’s Warehouse, sort of a scaled-down version of BPS and Cabela’s, both of which have stores with an immense amount of floor space. SW’s prices were somewhat more reasonable for most items than the other two. Also, their inventories of ammunition and reloading supplies were at least as good as BPS and Cabela’s. However, the two SW stores that were once here locally both closed a couple of years ago, and the chain may no longer be in business.

SW has (had?) a store in Anoka MN, very close to Federal’s factory, and the Federal guys I knew said Federal bought a lot of their miscellaneous equipment and supplies for ballistics work, etc., from that SW store.