Fiocchi "LAW ENFORCEMENT" shotshell

Just want you to show this box of shotshell’s
made by Fiocchi cal .12
Law Enforcement

Please what means Deolition Demolizone on the box,and for what kind of Law Enforcement was it used?

'need to check mine at home (see if I “windowed” one)…but I know them to be “breaching” rounds with a clay and/or frangible metallic slug for the typical “door breaching” application

PS…my guess “law enforcement”…by what ever police/military agency wanted to breach a door (or lock) to chase “bad guys”

Very cool! Hope you find a sectioned or windowed one, Pepper! Looking forward to seeing what makes it specially designed to breach a door or lock.


I agree,they are used as breaching rounds,usually with SPAS shotguns

These slugs are designed specifically to retain enough energy/striking power to defeat a door’s lock or hinge at close range. However, upon striking a hard metal object they are designed to distintegrate. They are fully lethal against personnel, although many tend to be inaccurate at extended ranges.

The projectile is typically formed from compressed metal powder (tungsten, zinc, etc.); some are formed by the sintering process. Some designs have loose, fine metallic powder encapsulated in a plastic sleeve or container.

Fiocchi has designated/labeled several of their products ‘Law Enforcement’ or ‘Police’. In this case, at least in the US, the designation is not legally restrictive.

Frangible slugs/bullets are also employed as indoor range training ammunition, or for use on steel practice targets. Winchester and Federal, along with many smaller US companies like ALS, offer frangible training and ‘demolition’ slugs similar to those pictured.

Pepper, if you are able and willing, I have a number of shotgun shells and other cartridges I’d like to have sectioned for display and teaching purposes.

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