Fiocchi military 9 mm contract for Denmark?


Got a good catch at the dumpster today :-)
I am not familiar with the codes used on NATO stuff so are therefore not sure if the top box was a danish contract like the one in the middle which has M/41 etc printed on.
Anybody who can tell me more?
FNB could be Magtech by the way, the box printer here is Grafica Rex, a brazilian packaging company. Earlier danish contract FNB boxes (lot 141 FNB 2004) has been printed at Apice, who delivers all CBC’s dark blue civilian boxes.
And as can be seen, the MEN police contract has gone into lot 10017, started out at lot 10014.


Nice boxes. The top number on the first two boxes is the NATO Stock Number. On the first box it is 1305-15-103-7541.
-The 1305 is the Stock Class-small arms ammunition
-15 is the code for the National Codification Bureau (NBC code) which is basically the code for the first nation to enter this specific item into the stock number system (15 is Italy).
-“final seven digits are assigned sequentially and have no inherent significance. However, this number relates to one and only one item of supply within the codifying country.” This is apparently the Italian stock number for the standard NATO 9mm Ball cartridge (in this case the Italian specification for the cartridge would be the techinical documentation of the item as I understand the process.)

On the second box it is 1305-12-118-7541
-13 is the NBC code for Belgium.
-the remaining 7 digits are the Belgium stock number for this item. It is interesting that the last 4 digits are identical for both stock numbers. I did a quick check of some German and Israeli stock numbers for NATO ball and they do not have the last four digits. Perhaps these are specific to 9mm cartridges for the Danes, but I don’t know.

That is about all I can tell you about these boxes.




OK, that clears up the coding. The FNB boxmakers may just be the cheapest on the market and not necessarily be from the producing country. Just me playing guessing games…



Where does FMT on the second box label stand for? At first, it reminded me of some Spanish or Latin-American ammunition manufacturer but that seemed incorrect after some research.


Forsvarets Materiel Tjeneste. A 2006 Amalgamation of the HMAK -Hærens Materiel Kommando- Army materiel command; FMK -Flyvevåbnets materiel kommando- Air Force materiel command and Søværnets materiel Kommando, The navy ditto.