Fiocchi Primers


I’m wondering what these primers were for. I would venture Shotgun, but I’m not certain. Thanks, Bruce.


Shotgun primers, they are not allowed to pack them that way anymore so must be more than twenty years old.


Fiocchi “Berdan” type Short battery cup Shotshell primers.
The anvil is incorporated into the battery cup pressing, rather than a separate anvil like Modern Battery cup primers ( “Boxer” design).

This design has gradually gone out of fashion ( although some S&B have still been made with it in the last 10 years.) Was normally used in Paper shotshells, but also some early plastic.

I have a similar can of this type primer. More like 40 years old.

Regards, Doc AV

AV Ballistics.


Thanks Vince and Doc. This is how they came packed per 1000. The end caps have no writing or identification, just manilla colored paper. Cheers, Bruce.