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As usual while looking for something else in the web I just learned that FIOCCHI has an own USA marketing branch which is also using an own headstamp “FIOCCHI USA” (on 7.62x39 as an image was available).

Is this common knowledge and only I missed this (would not happen the first time) or is this new to others too?
Is this hs layout now common?
Is the ammunition now made in the US?

Here their catalog:

fiocchiusa.com/Downloads/fio … wnload.pdf

And here their site:


EOD - Where have you been, my friend? :-) “Fiocchi USA” which is the headstamp appellation for Fiocchi of America, Inc., dates back to at least 1989. My earliest catalog is undated but is with a Dealer Price Sheet dated December 12, 1989. It was founded at Ozark, Missouri and they have a loading facility there. However, without a box label, it is hard to tell where any Fiocchi ammunition is made, regardless if it has a “FIOCCHI USA” headstamp or not.

Their original catalog address was Route 2, Box 90-8, Ozark, MO. 65721. The latest address found on their catalog is 6930 N. Fremont Blvd., Ozark, MO 65721. This does not represent a different location for the factory, but rather simply using the action street address rather than a P. O. Box number, I believe. The also have offices in Boulder City, Nevada, just south of Las Vegas in the community most famous for the gigantic Hoover Dam.

Fiocchi is always confusing, since the make ammunition in Italy for so many countries other than their own use, also made at Lecco. However, they have factories in other places. I have a box of the standard Fiocchi pattern for the time in which it was made, but it is in Spanish, and marked “Industria Argentina.” I have never even put a cartridge in my collection because while actually at least assembled in Argentina, it is indistinguishable from the Italian Product.

My latest Fiocchi Box is for 9 mm Luger, and holds 25-rounds, the Post-WWII Fiocchi 25-rounsd box I have seen for this caliber. It is oddly marked as “Assembled in the USA” although it has a CIP marking on the box. Further, and the first time I have ever seen this for any caliber of Fiocchi ammunition, regardless of where made, the cases are nickel-plated Starline manufacture, including the use of the normal Starline headstamp for 9 mm Luger.

I have two boxes for 9 mm Makarov, both marked for Fiocchi of America, Inc., with one marked “Assembled in Hungary for Fiocchi of America,” and the other marked “Made in Hungary.” The contents of both are identical, and with “FIOCCHI USA 9X18 MAK” headstamp.

I’m sure if I looked at every Post-WWII box in my collection, I would find other markings. I know I have a 9 mm box from Fiocchi, Lecco, marked on the back “Made in EU.”

So, in short, the presence, or for that matter, the absence as well, of a FIOCCHI USA headstamp does not guarantee manufacture of the ammunition in the US, or for that matter, even assembly of it here, Just as the older headstamps for Fiocchi, Lecco, don’t guarantee Italian manufacture.

Hope this is of some help.

Alex, to add to John’s excellent post, I can mention that the American branch known as Fiocchi of America, Inc. was established in 1983 in Springfield, Missouri, and in 1988 moved to their current location in Ozark, Missouri.

The 7.62x39 was introduced late in 2006 as a new caliber for the Rifle Shooting Dynamics line, and was first listed in the 2007 catalog.

John and Fede, thanks a lot for the clear and to what I understand complete statement on the whole issue!
Great write up!

As for where I have been, well, the answer is like: “in Europe” where I think basically no FIOCCHI USA product is marketed.
So after seeing the regarding hs on a 7.62x39 it sparked my curiosity.
Any thoughts or info from existing boxes where these cartridges were made???

Alex, these were made by RUAG in Hungary.

Fede, thanks a lot!!!

Any other calibers known to be made by RUAG Hungary for FIOCCHI?

EOD - your question is a good one. I would like to know the answer to it also. The boxes just being marked “Made in Hungary” does not answer the whole question, for me anyway. Fiocchi purchased the NIKE firm in Hungary, a shotshell manufacturer at that time, I think, and it became NIKE-FIOCCHI. I don’t know if Fiocchi expanded the production facilities to include metallic cartridges, or not. Probably Fede will know.:-) It has become hard to know how to classify this stuff these days. It seems a very few companies own just about all the major ammunition makers of Europe, and some of the American ones as well.
Also, many of the companies contract out to other countries for their ammo. Fiocchi, as one example, seems to make ammo for the Police in many countries. I have PMC boxes marked “Made in …” South Korea, South Africa, the Philippines, Mexico and the United States, and that is all in just 9 mm Luger caliber. Old names like RWS and Geco can no longer be automatically counted as just German-made brand names. The whole ammunition industry has become very interlocked and very confusing.

Alex and John, the Hungarian cartridges with a FIOCCHI USA headstamp were first made by MFS 2000 Magyar Lôszergyártó Zrt. (Hungarian Ammunition Manufacturing Inc.), and since 2009, after the company was purchased by the RUAG group, by RUAG Ammotec Magyarországi Zrt. (RUAG Hungarian Ammotec Inc.). The factory remains the same, only its designation has changed.

The only calibers that I can confirm that were made by RUAG in Hungary for Fiocchi of America, are: .380 Auto, .40 S&W, .45 Auto and 7.62x39. There may be others, but I can’t confirm that they were made under this new company designation.



Nike-Fiocchi I know only in relation to shots hells and flare gun cartridges in 26.5mm.

Are the calibers .380 Auto, .40 S&W and .45 Auto known to have exactly the said hs “FIOCCHI USA”? (just to make sure it is not “FIOCCHI” only)
I know this now to be the case with 7.62x39 and 9x18.

Alex, yes, these are all headstamped FIOCCHI USA. Regarding the 9x18 with this same headstamp, it was made by MFS 2000 but I don’t know if it was made after 2009 under RUAG ownership.

NIKE Fiocchi was an Hungarian-Italian owned company (50/50) established in 1990 and formed by Nitrokémia Zrt. and Fiocchi. Its production involved everything that wasn’t made by MFS, including shotshells, rimfires, disrupter cartridges, signals, fireworks, and grenades. In 2010, its designation changed to Haltech.

Fede and EOD - it is hard to know the date of manufacture of these Hungarian rounds, unless, I suppose, that someone has definite factory information on the meaning of the lot numbers. I have a number of Makarov boxes made in Hungary for various firms, and at first, I felt the lot numbers were simply the date of manufactures. For instance, I have one box from Fiocchi marked inside an end flap “1 07 08.” A similar box, but marked “Assembled in Hungary for Fiocchi America,” instead of just "Made in Hungary like the first mentioned box, with a lot number "11 10."I have an older box from FIOCCHI INT’L marked “Made in Hungary,” and with lot number 1 04 21 (which could be a scrambled version of “1 21 04.” I have a red over green box from MFS (red separated from green by a narrow “muted” white line across the horizontal center of the box) marked “-01- 9 7 03.” A black box from MFS for 9 x 18 mm Makarov +P carries the number “1 06 05” on the inside of an end flap. Then, there is the RWS Black and Orange Box, sold by RUAG Ammotec USA and marked “made in Hungary” with the number “11 05” on the inside of the end flap. Finally, I have a white, with black print, MFS box for 9mm vz.82 marked 09/09, but received empty and another with the lot number “1 03 09.” This last box is the only one which I received, from a European friend, with one cartridge, in which the cartridge has a dated headstamp. Unfortunately, that headstamp is “MFS 02” which would tend to shoot down the whole theory that these “lot numbers” are dates, that is, if the cartridge is original to the box, as I was told it was. Since I did not get the box from a Primary source (factory or using agency), I cannot guarantee it is the correct round.

What do I make of all this? Hell, I don’t know. I wish I did.

Differences between Fiocchi Italy & Hungary on 7,65 mm Browning

  • On the box: GFL FIOCCHI & FIOCCHI INT’L.
  • Headstamp : 1 point on GFL before and after labeling.
  • Nose of the ball more rounded and without groove.

FMG, great info. Thanks a lot!

I can not make out all text on the Hungarian box but does it say anywhere “made in Hungary”?


See the “MADE IN HUNGARY”, upper left hand corner of the picture of the box bottom in the lower set of pictures posted by JMG.

For you EOD ;-)

Anybody selling glasses here? Seems I need some. Thank you guys!