Fiocchi's 9mm EMB commercially available?


I see that MidwayUSA now shows that the Fiocchi EMB (as part of their Tundra line?) will be available for retail purchase in June:

Photo from AFTE:

Is this news in so far as this being commercially available in the U.S? The MidwayUSA link says a 100gr bullet, but Fiocchi’s US website doesn’t show this or any EMB bullet in 9mm. An old EMB bullet from Argentina that I have weighs in at 77.3gr, so I guess there is some variation out there.


Fiocchi has made the EMB load in 9mm for some years. I think I first saw it about 4 years ago.




Fiocchi’s 2010 catalog has a page showing the box styles and there’s mention of two versions of the EMP; a law enforcement and a civilian load.

Unfortunately for some reason I’m unable to down load their catalog.


Go here to “online catalog” and then choose the “print” symbol, there select “print all” and then “print” again (both lower right). Wait some time till the PDF document is loading. (The intended PDF-button there does not work)


I know the Fiocchi EMB load has been around for years, I just didn’t know if it is just now that it has become commercially available via common retailer such as MidwayUSA. Either way, I’m glad to buy some when it becomes in stock.


By the way, PS in Slovakia also made some.


Excellent tip DK…I’ll be buying some for testing.

If memory serves the initial (Hirtenberger) EMB line was not importable due to ATFE regs; that 9mm bullet heavier than 100gr I think. 10mm EMB has always been one of my ‘holy grail’ cartridges…I’d trade my giant dummy PG9 rocket for some of that stuff.

I’d love to know what changes were made to the bullet for US commercial use.


I will have a few for sale at SLICS