Fired cases and packaging found in Thailand


Shooting ranch in Thailand

Where can we find some good stuff ?, I can tell you one good place to start, that’s in the garbage on the shooting ranch.
Look what I found,
many different boxes and all of them are made in Thailand.
The box with the name HUNTER is manufactured by Olympic Arms & Ammunition (Thailand) Co.,LTD
Rest of the boxes says “Assembled In Thailand” I have seen some 9mm here with PMC head stamp but was not able to get my hands on it. Looks like the Thai are buying the case from PMC, (cant remember witch country that is at the moment) and load it them self.
I did find one 9mm case here with the head stamp AP 03 9MM LUGER, don’t know that is from Thailand but maybe some other IAA member know that, same with this 22 L.R. brass I did find here. The big T looks like (T)hai but I don’t know.

If some of you need some better picture let me know and I will send you or post it on IAA.

OK, sorry to start something that might not be legal yet (B/S/T) but I am not keeping this boxes or cases for myself as I don’t collect boxes or head stamp types. So you can get them for free but I need someone to help me to get something I need.

all boxes are empty.


That AP 03 9MM LUGER headstamp is from Armscor of the Philippines, and has been widely sold in the United States, and probably other countries as well.

Great box photos. thanks.


The large “T” .22 Long Rifle is Squires Bingham Manufacturing Co., Marikina, Philippines, now Arms Corporation of the Philippines. The headstamp was first used in the late 1970’s packed in “Stirling” brand boxes.