Fired Military lead bullet ID


These three lead bullets were found in the Libyan desert where Italian army fought in 1911

I have identified #2 and #3 as 9,5 x 60 R and 11,43 mm Turkish Mauser but #1 is a mystery

It clearly shows rifling marks on one side and is 25,16 mm / .991" long ( nose is probably a bit flattened)
Diam varies from 8.35 mm / .329" to 8.73 mm / .344" , but I wasn’t able to ID a military rifle of that era that shoots such diam bullets

Any ideas?


Pivi: Does bullet no. 1 appear to be complete, and do you have a weight for it? Jack


Jack, yes, #1 appears to be complete ( it’s not a lead core )

I don’t have an accurate scale, will try to find out its weight with a less accurate tool


You might want to soak it overnight in vinegar to get rid of the oxide


Vince, Will do that and post a picture later