Firewood explodes in stove ('can't be a first ?)

VIENNA (AP) - Austrian police investigating a grenade blast were less puzzled by the explosion and more by where it took place - inside a wood stove that appeared to contain nothing but firewood.

The woman who owned the wood burner also had no clue at first. After all, she thought there was only firewood inside.

Police spokeswoman Petra Datscher said Monday a World War II grenade apparently landed on a tree during fighting. It was then enveloped by wood growing around it to the point that it was invisible when the tree was chopped down for firewood and sold to the supermarket where the unidentified 22-year-old woman bought it.

The blast Sunday in the lakeside town of Gmunden shattered the stove’s glass panel, but the sturdy wrought-iron stove prevented injuries.

…'would be ugly at my house…we only have a “screen”

Back in the early 1970s we wrecked a band saw in Port Angeles, WA, when it hit a 2-inch artillery shell that was embedded in a log. Found out later the log came from an area near a WWI artillery range.

My uncle Frank worked in a brickworks in the south of England. The clay was dug in a nearby pit (quarry?) which was used by the Home Guard during the war for training. There were frequent machinery stoppages when the press moulds tried to compress the AP cores of .55" Boys A.T. bullets into bricks. He had dozens of the recovered cores lying around in his workshop.

The trees in Portsmouth contained many bomb splinters which the tree had grown around over the years. These jagged splinters wrecked many a saw blade.


Up to the early 70s each and every tree trunk went through a metal detector before it entered the saw mill nearby my home for the same reason.


For many years I had the back half of a .30 cal jacketed round recovered from a sawn pine plank, history unknown.