Firing a 2mm pinfire



Great video, thanks for posting.


Thanx, Pete. An amazing video. I would have lost a big bet. The one with it, firing the .50 BMG, is neat too.

I enjoyed that video since I collect Pinfires. Do you think they loaded blanks with the right size shot? I have not seen a factory loaded ball round in 2mm.
Nice wood grips and better than the Xythos brand pistols and revolvers. Ron.

Wow! Compared to this, a 2.7 MM Kolibri with a FMJ bullet would be like a big bore bear gun…

Pete, great video!

I wonder if anyone makes a 2mm double rifle for hunting Lego elephant?



Cool video. I have a 2mm pinfire revolver that I got many years ago. It has a key chain attached, which can be replaced by a clip, making it into a tie clip. I got some 2mm blanks with it, which fire fine, but am not sure if it could be safely fired with live ammo. I have been told (not confirmed) that one can make live ammo out of the blanks by putting a #9 shot pellet in the end of the case.