First few items from a large collection going to auction

I used to be a member back in the ICCA days. I dropped out fo a while, and then recently rejoined. I’m working at my dream retirement job: writer for a firearms auction house.

We have a consignor who gave us a few test lots. If his items sell well this Saturday (April 28th), he’s going to give us hundreds more. He gave us a couple of Maynards, some 45-70 Shot, some lead and some shot Spencers, a mixed lot, a mixed box of 30 WCF with some of the two-piece primer cups, some moderatley old 22s, and a box of pre “LE Only” Black Talon. They are all listed on the Five Rivers Auctions website. It is Click on the Saturday, April 28th link, and then on the bar that says “Click on the cover below. . .” to get to the live auction (Yeah, our webmaster put the link on the wrong graphic. It may be fixed by the time you read this. If so, click on the colored catalog cover. The black and white one is for the silent auction.) This consignor’s items start at about page 91. There are also some other good items from other consignors scattered around the catalog, like a box of 45-70 Marlin, and a box of 45-70 labeled “Extra Heavy” even though they are standard 405gr weight.

The consignor I mentioned has cabinets full of military and obsolete cartridges, shotshells, and 22s. He has ammo cans full of mixed headstamp 30-06, and shelves full of assorted ammo from antique to modern.

Five Rivers is in Milford, NH (near Nashua), and they have their auctions at the Holliday Inn in Nashua. They take phone, mail, fax and live bids. They also ship everywhere they can.

As anything interesting comes up, I will post them on this forum.


Glenn, if your auction house ever gets larger, inert, tank rounds, specifically APFSDS (Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot) or APDS (Armor Piercing Discarding Sabot) specimens, I’d be interested for sure :-) Thanks big time!