First FMJ for rifle ammo

Hi guys,

does someone knows a source which names the first full metal jacket bullet in history.
With the beginning of smokeless powder like Cordite, NC or Poudre B the muzzle velocity of the bullets increases. So the normal lead bullets couldn`t take up the forces of the twist. The bullets needed a jacket for the new generation of propellants.
I think the first FMJ should developed in the age of around 1880.
Does someone knows the first rifle caliber with FMJ bullet design and the inventor?

Thanks for any help.


There is German patent 31145, applied for by Wilhelm Loenz in 1884.
But it covers “only” the soldering process of a steel jacket and its lead core, what was later called Lorenz Stahlmantel-Compound-Geschoß. It means he could not claim to have invented a jacketed bullet, because this was already known in 1884.
According to Swiss engineer Friedrich Hebler, in “Das kleinste Kaliber” of 1886, page 39, an officer named Bode in Berlin experimented with a copper-jacketed bullet and had Lorenz manufacture specimens in 1876.
Alas, I did not find out anything further about Bode.

Edit: According to Hebler, Swiss officer Rubin was later than Bode.

Edit2: According to Eugen Heer, it was in 1881 when Eduard Rubin for the first time presented a copper-jacketed 9 mm bullet to the Swiss military authorities.
(Biographic article on Rudolf Schmidt in Allgemeine Schweizerische Militärzeitschrift, 1970, p. 455-60)