First of it kind Fireworks at Mount Fuji, Enjoy, Fake

Sixty-four seconds of fireworks in Japan at Mount Fuji. The show is said to be the first of its kind in the world - spherical pyrotechnics.
Proven fake after post, but still amazing computer work

It is not a real video, it was done using a fireworks simulation software.

Wow, fooled me, on tube, can trust anything on the net :-)
I was wondering how they could get those shapes.
Thanks for letting me know

Real or not, it is very well done. This is the program used:

Thanks Fede, had no idea, will have to snopes everything I guess.
Still an amazing video, what will computers be able to do in the future…
I’ll go wipe off the egg on my face, I need breakfast :-)

For anyone interested in fireworks, there is an international fireworks competition (every summer) in Montreal, Canada
If you look at the front picture, you may be able to see me in the crowd.