First photo on any forum. May have messed up

I asked a few questions a day or two back and got some very helpful answers. Thank you. I’m still not sure if the pictures are of proper size or not, if they are too bid I could use a little advice.

Looks good to me. That would be fun to go thru. Reminds me of a few of the tables at the St. Louis show.

Looks just like my room. I think I see .22 Remington in the little red box, yes, the one to the right of the big box.

Possible competition? Identify all visible rounds in all photos. Anyone have any suggestions for a prize?

Falcon - for anyone who would spend the time to identify every photo in the picture, the prize should be a padded cell in the local asylum. Just teasting. This form can’t always be all serious cartridge busines and being made at each other!

I wasn’t being serious in the first place. It does look fun to go through though. It would take weeks sorting them into categories of however the person sorting them does things.

Looks like a couple of Thompson riot-control shot loads in the long white bin on the left :)

Can I come over and play?


I’m imagining ruined keyboards caused by all the drooling. I have a very similar system for organizing my stuff. Had to go out to the shop and make sure Tom C wasn’t in there taking pictures. :)