First Post! Need Desperate Help Identifying Artillery/Tank Shell

Hello everyone! (I have many photos but since im a new user i cant post them all, if you have any ideas about this one please message me)

A few months ago I purchased this artillery/tank shell from an antique store and no matter how much digging and researching I do I cant manage to figure out where or when its from. I was hoping someone on here may be able to assist me in any way?

The shell came with the brass casing which has a screw fitting in the bottom for a primer, but its missing, there are no marks at all on the brass shell casing whatsoever. The projectile though has a strange fuze (if a fuze at all) which simply has a large screw top as it appears. The markings on the bottom of the projectile read as follows:
FTJ (both may possibly be “R’s”)

Thanks you!!

It would help to know the following information:

Of course!

Case Length: 385mm
Rim Diameter: 90mm
Diameter of Case Mouth: 80mm
Diameter of Projectile: 75mm

Sorry i had more photos with other angles, references, detail etc, but new user :/

I believe what you have is a 76.2x385mm Russian tank/artillery round…Pete.

Can you show us an image of the headstamp?

The first post says that there are no markings on the shell case.

To the OP: If you are in the USA, it is quite possibly a 76.2mm Russian artillery shell.

These were manufactured in the USA for Russia during the First World War. From what I have read, many were never shipped due to the 1917 Russian revolution. Your case and projectile could have been left overs sold off by the manufacturer as souvenirs.

Falcon, maybe a part of the US production remained in the US in 1917 but before plenty of these were already delivered to czarist Russia. And not to forget the US troops who landed in 1919 in Russia (Vladivostok area and Murmasnk area if I am not mistaken) they also could have brought stocks of the “late” 76mm ammo for the allied czarist troops.

Might I ask why there is a screw top fuze? was this for transport? And does anyone have any info about the markings on the projectile?

What you call a “screw” is most likely an impact fuze for this HE shell.
As said we would need images of all present markings of your item in order to say more.