First post. Please help ID mystery rounds.-38 Revolver Blank

This forum was suggested to me by a fellow member of I have a small collection that I inherited from a friend. I will keep most of it but that will depend on what fair value is. That has been my focus over the last few months. I came across the rounds pictured below. They are a one piece plastic shell with what appears to be a shotgun primer (209?) They will fit a 38 Spl. chamber and have a 1 or 2 digit number on the rim. It was suggested these are mold marks. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Cal. .38 blanks by MRA & probably fit other .38 caliber revolvers, & yes the numbers are mold numbers. These are also known in .45 Colt.

Thanks PetedeCoux. What I still can’t figure out is the one piece shell. Does the nose simply open up under pressure?

Grizbar, welcome and comeback again.

Thanks for taking the time to post a photo and ask a question (though I won’t add an clear answer on the plastic nose presumably opening up) there’s a crazy amount of knowledge banging around on this Forum.

Thanks for the welcome Pepper. I look forward to reading and learning here.

Grizbar–When fired these blanks split open at the nose in a four petal opening.

The black plastic .45" calibre blanks that I have seen had a cross moulded into the nose to aid splitting, perhaps these .38" calibre ones have the weak cross moulded on the inside.


RonMerchant, I knew they had to let the gas exit at that end in an “ordinary” chamber or they had a purpose unknown to me.

gravelbelly, I imagine the .38 nose might be made as you say, or molded with a thinner nose than the .45 because they don’t have to survive the impact of slamming into the feed ramp of a semi-auto, assuming the .45 was made to cycle.

Now that I know what they are, should I use them to celebrate a holiday or do they have any collector value that would make that a poor choice? I need to limit the amount of times I say “oops!”… when I can.

Grizbar–The .45 Colt blanks are for .45 Colt [color=#0000FF]Revolvers[/color] not .45 Automatics. As for shooting the .38’s, go ahead. These are quite common and have minimal value.