First Tungsten core cartridge

This question puzzled me: What is the first Tungsten core AP round in the world?I saw an Chinese article says the German 7.92 “K” bullet in WW1 use Tungsten carbide core,is that right?


The WW1 SmK core was made from hardened steel, not tungsten.

It is known that round 1880 a ballistic expert with the name “Mieg” made developments with tungsten cores. He became for these bullets a Deutsches Reichspatent in November 26 1882.
I also know about a patent from March 20. 1915, given to Bruno Fischer and C. Heinrich Weber in Berlin.
The German army do not introduced these rounds during WW1.


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It was well known that using tungsten as an alloy in steel could make it much harder. So we have steel cores containing some tungsten and another type of core made entirely of tungsten carbide.

German SmK cores (of the 1930s) as well as U.S. .30 cal AP M2 cores orginally had steel specified containing tungsten. In wartime, there were more important uses for scarce tungsten and both had it dropped from the steel specification.
It could be that WW1 SmK cores also started with a steel containg tungsten, but currently I have no access to my library.

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So what is the first “real” Tungsten core adopted by troops?

We assume that the development started 1935 by the company Polte, with help from the companies; Krupp in Essen and Röchling Buderus in Wetzlar who later supplying the tungsten cores.
The exact date of adoption is not known but it must be somewhere in 1936.
There are cartridges known with a 1935 head stamp. This is to explain because lots were so small that they used left over cases from the normal ammunition manufacturing.

Is that 7.92x57? What does it look like?will you show any pics please?thanks again!

Here is a Picture from all 3 models.

The prototype of SmKH?

No, These SmK-H rounds were adopted by the troops

Dutch, I’m sure you already know it, but I Believe there are 4 models osf SmkH, shown below:

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How to distinguish the third type(CNCS jacket,red annule)from SmK rounds by their appearance?

As far as I know, there are no smk’s bullet with cupronickel’s jacket and also the shape of the bullet is different

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In principle you are right. It was made with a red annulus instead of the red primer, so you can call it a separate type.
The cartridge was easy to identify at the cncs jacket. The red stripe on the clip is also gone.
I add a picture from the box label.