First world war artillery grenade identification



Can anyone here help me identify this projectile. i cant seem to be able to upload any images on here so please PM.

Cheers already Experiment.


No image!!!



There are 2 ways for you to upload photos here on the Forum:

  1. Open a dialog box, choose a photo stored on your computer and use your curser to drag the photo to the dialog box.

  2. A second method is described in this earlier post here on the Forum: Two mystery boxes - Remington and Savage

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Percussion caps or primers?




Most likely a fired US shrapnel shell, WW1 vintage-


Experiment, we would need the exact measurements and images of all markings.

Brian, with the fuze I see there it does not appear very US made no?



Markings on the bottom of the grenade

@EOD are these of any help?


Partially, what about markings on the fuze + detailed and top view.

How are the measurements of the projectile body?


Projectile body without fuze.
Length 21cm.
Inner diameter top 6.2cm
Width 7.5cm bottom.
Underside guidance ring to end 3.5cm.
The body becomes wider at 15 cm up.

Fuze. no markings exept for time marks , 0-56 seconds
fuze length 8cm total.

Just under the fuze on the body the number 5149 is stamped.'
More down another H.C. marking is found, with along what im guessing was a factory mark. Unreadable now.


Would you have photos of the fuze and the markings there?

The 56 is not the running time but 5600 m - the distance.
A typical Krupp feature on fuze markings.



All markings


I spoke to a friend of mine who is a leading expert in these things.

It is a 75mm Krupp designed shrapnel.
As it was licenced to many other countries it is hard to say who actually made it.
More could probably be said when the fuze will be unscrewed from it’s steel adapter (bushing) as there could be markings sheding more light on the origin. Before the locking screw in the side has to be removed but all this might be difficult due to corrosion. So only a very experienced person with good tools (purpose made) should try to do this as otherwise the item might be damaged.