Fishing Line Throwing Cartridge

Here is an peculiar cartridge made in Argentina to be used with a fishing line thrower patented in 1987.

Very interesting cartridge! I was unaware these existed. Which in turn, led me to do some research and found this to accompany Fede’s post - The beginning of page 6 describes the cartridge

Thanks for sharing Fede!

they say there is a very fine line between fishing and watching the tide coming in and going out. Now it’s closer to the old expression of “shooting a line”. So the question is if you need a license to fish do you need a extra license to fire your line out!

Dave, thanks for your interest and for posting a link to the US patent (it was also patented in Argentina and Europe). I had three different variations for almost 15 years without knowing what they were until I came across an advertisement. This is not something you find everyday and most fishermen have never heard of it. Regards, Fede.

Great item! Thanks to all of you.


About what size is it?

Geez, some guys will collect anything,

Any extras Fede ?

Pete, the head is slightly smaller than a modern 24 gauge, but it has an oversized rim. These are its measurements in millimeters:

Total length: 23.29-23.31
Case length: 11.23-11.26
Case length (assembled): 8.15-8.29
Rim diameter: 19.94-20.15
Head diameter: 16.64-16.71
Neck diameter: 16.49-16.50
Bullet diameter (plastic): 16,49-16,58
Bullet diameter (aluminum): 15.90-15.92
Rim thickness: 0.99-1.02

Sorry, I’m afraid that I don’t have any extras at the moment.



Thanks Fede

It 's hard to tell the size from the photo with the line thrower. Neat items