Five Types of Independence 9mm Luger Headstamps

Although no longer produced, Independence (I) headstamped 9mm Luger cases were produced in 5 distinct types by Speer, Federal, and Brazil’s Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos (CBC).

  1. Speer First Type: Probably the first Independence headstamp. Upper case M’s, stars that point inward toward the flashhole, nickel-plated primers. Case bases show some variation in manufacturing but all the cases I have are of the 60-grain variety.

  2. Federal: Upper case M’s, stars point outward, and, like its own production, primed with either brass or nickel-plated primers. Like Federal production for Speer/CCI/Blazer brands, has a dot at 9 o’clock.

  3. CBC: Small letters, upper case M’s, stars point outward, primers are brass and have the impressed truncated V unique to CBC.

  4. Speer Second Type: Lower case m’s, open 9’s and R’s, stars point inward, nickel-plated primers, 60-grain variety cases.

  5. Speer Two-Dot: Like the Speer Second Type but with two-dot (.I.) headstamp indicating cases are of the 56-grain variety. By far the rarest of the Independence headstamps. I’ve only seen a total of three.

I cannot say with certainty that it was the first, but I can say that in our area, the CBC - Brazilian made
cases were the first to show up the market, ahead of others by months.

More outstanding work!!! Many thanks for this.