Flaming bayonets


Recently whilst discussing the Pederson device and planned US tactics should the war have lasted until Spring 1919, the question of the “Flaming Bayonet” arose.

Was this device ever issued? I understand it had a magazine of six cartridges, but has anyone ever seen an example of the round? Presumably it worked along the lines of the 12b “Dragons Breath”?



Since posting the above I found a reference in Brophy’s “03 Springfield” book that the cartridge was .44 calibre.



I never heard of such a device. May you post any pictures or description?


The Flaming Bayonet was a device that fitted under the normal bayonet and discharged a flame 5 to 15 feet long when fired. It was intended to give an advantage in bayonet fighting. If you Google flaming bayonet have a look at the extract from Brophy’s book under google books…



The .44 FB cartridge should look similar to a blank or tear-gas type of load, with a hand made look. There might be a reference in H.W.S. vol-1 ?


Tony, this cartridge is briefly described in HWS 1 p. 253-254.

There is also a modification of this device that was developed late in 1918 and has a revolving cylinder.