Flare cartridge ID please


I got this yesterday,thrown in with a few items I bought.

Could anyone please tell me something about it, as I know nothing about these?

The markings at the top of the cardboard insert are faint,but look to read, DY inside a diamond
QR inside a square,could also be aR
6P inside a circle.

All help appreciated!



Nobody can identify this?

Well I think the headstamp looks about italian ammunition .
But no closer infos.
May be check some italian sites or sources for more info.


The headstamp appears to be "S.F.O.   IV".  Is that correct?  Also, what is the rim diameter, body diameter and length of this round?  If the lower stamping is "IV" (Roman numeral 4"), this may be be British.



Many thanks for your reply.

The approx measurements are,

Rim diam = 3cm
Body diam= 2.6cm
Case length(measured to the end of the cardboard tube)= 10.1cm

The stamping actually reads, S.F.C,with IV underneath.


Here’s 3 World War 2 British Flare rds.


I've identified your flare cartridge.  It is British, and of 1" caliber. The official name is "Cartridge, Signal, Very, Mk.IV, White Star".  The White Star loading is identified by being milled for halfway around the rim and having the portion of the case lining projecting from the brass case painted white.  See page 569 of the 1915 edition of the "Treatise On Ammunition".  I do not know who "S.F.C." is, but the cartridge is of WWI or slightly later vintage.



Many thanks for your time in identifying my cartridge,much appreciated!

As I don’t have the reference that you mentioned,would it be possible for you to scan and post the relevant page please if it’s no trouble to you?

Kind regards,