Flare cartridge or not?

Picked this up today from a friend. Any idea what it is? My thought was a flare cartridge but it weights a ton!


Look like a one inch aiming rifle…

Laurent, Good thought, I hadn’t gone down that rout, thanks.

I shall have to make a tool to unscrew the base.

Since it has an electric primer and has a typical British headstamp it is cetainly a 1" aiming rifle case.
Just the chrome or nickel plating is not original (in my view).

Thanks EOD, any thoughts on the manufacturer please and date?

Eightbore, I am not expert enough in British 1" to say anything significant but I am sure others will do soon.

Mike, the big ‘M’ is for the Morris Tube & Safety Range Co. Ltd. as loaders / producers of the cartridge, ‘V’ is for the Mark 5, approved 1903, and the small ‘M’ is for the Morris electric primer (that was in competition with the Kings Norton electric primer). The ’4’ looks like it’s been added afterwards. I haven’t seen numbers added like this to 1” Aiming Rifle rounds. Pure speculation, but could it be a number added by a Trade case supplier? Somebody trying to mark it up as a 4 bore? Or just added by a collector? For info, the Morris V, M had a 4,345 grain lead bullet and 400 grain propellant charge RFG.2 Black Powder, Pete.

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Thank you Pete,
I was starting to think of Morris but not my field at all so was just not sure.