Flare cartridges

I’m looking for info about primers for flare cartridges. What are they used in 26.5 mm caliber? What in other calibers? For example- 35mm Japan, and others

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It may depend much on who is “they”. In 26.5mm / cal.4 several differentz types were used depending on country, manufacturer and time period.

I mean all flare cartridges :)
I am writing an article on primers for small arms and flare is one chapter.
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I saw plenty of Berdan and various Gevelot types (+ some I can not safely ID as it is not my field), a very wide range.

In the 1970s, Bundeswehr 26.5 mm flare cartridges had the “Zündung VI” (also called Gevelot primer after the company that introduced it as EOD noted) as used in German commercial shotgun cartridges. Primer body diameter 5.68 mm, rim diameter 7.3 mm, length 6.6 mm. The priming mix seems to have been changed from commecial Sinoxid to a mixture containing (potassium?) chlorate as well as tetracene.

Thank you for the info.
The pictures below show primers flare cartridges with obviously different primers. The first two is Gevelot?

The photo is from the website “naboje.org

Nickel plated and blackened cap?

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I do not know the correct designation but here a “fork” amboss (edit: anvil) as it was used in Russian WW2 26.5mm (they designated it 26mm).

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amboss is anvil ?

Ah sorry, yes !

it is ok,
do you have an overall view of the primer?

Thanks for the picture of the anvil,
Do you know the measurements?


I do not have the primer as it was blown out in a fire it seems.
But the diameter of the primer pocket is varying from 6.3 to 6.45 mm.
Appearance from outside is pretty normal.

I do not know what date range you are covering but there are also electric primed 26.5mm the USSR was using in decoy systems for aircraft (chaff & flare).

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Hello. Should anyone list German manufacturers of flare cartridges? I have several pieces with the abbreviation of the manufacturer, which I am not able to identify. Similar before ww2, and the period after ww2. Thank you for answer.

The German WW2 codes (three lowercase letters) will be from the nearly completely known “Fertigungskennzeichen” list. If you tell us your codes, it should be no problem to name the factories.

Is it possible to find this list somewhere? So that I don’t have to bother here with questions about the manufacturer. Thank you.

There were two printed books published, both long out of print:
Karl Pawlas published a reprint (the original alphabetical list retyped) in 1977, using the original title of the Heereswaffenamt document “Liste der Fertigungskennzeichen”. This hardbound book had a red cover, similar to the original classified volume.
Michael Heidler authored “Deutsche Fertigungskennzeichen bis 1945”, published by the Visier Edition in 2008. He added explanatory material and a cross reference by company name.
They are sometimes offered at astronomical prices.

Correction regarding Heidler’s book:
Mayhem is right, the book is still available. I had looked it up in the German book trade catalog, where it is no longer listed. But the publisher still offers it. Price is 29.90 Euros. Alas, that website is in German only, there seems to be no English version.
Direct link to the book page:

Software quirk: the full stop at the end of the link ( …aufl. ) somehow gets lost. You will be shown a general page. But you are on the correct web site.

  • Move the cursor to the field showing the link name (top of browser window),
  • append the missing ‘.’ to its end
  • hit enter.
    This will take you to the web page with the information about the book.

Michael’s book is still available. I purchased a copy last year and have found it to be a very handy reference. It isn’t something you will use every day but when you need it you will be glad that you have it.

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Do you know if he is still selling directly, and what the current price is for shipping to U.S.?

I am currently away from email access or I would send an email to Mr. Heidler.


Sorry Jack - I cannot recall and it may have changed since I brought my copy.

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Thanks, much appreciated.

I will send Mr. Heidler and email when I can.

Brain working s l o w l y
I sent a message to Mr. Heidler through IAA asking for info on availability of his book, and will report back here.

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