Is this a flare gun? What is the cartridge?


HOLY *#@+ !!! That’s one big revolver.

The shape of the plain steel hammer and firing pin remined me of those on early British centerfire revolvers. I guess the brass, not steel, frame and cylinder would be strong enough for flares but not normal ammo, and the brass would be better for naval use in a salt water environment. The little bump under the front of the frame with the hole might be to secure it to some sort of fixture for firing. So, an early, possibly WWI, Royal Navy flare launcher that is secured to a mount for firing?

This is a imperial Russian pistol model Pestitsch 1878. The caliber is 37 mm Hotchkiss. The pyrotechnic charge burned at the muzzle like a Coston signal light. The weight of the weapon was almost 10 kg.

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Thanks guys.