Flares by Marsh Coulter Co, Fraser, Michigan

This is a hunting flare in “Super Speed 300 Savage” by Marsh Coulter Co, Fraser, Michigan. Any thoughts or info will be appreciated. I assume that such cartridge flares are not manufactured anymore since we have satellite phones and i-pods.


Seeing these I wonder why the military is not having such cartridges today. They could be good in situations when nothing else is on hand and also in times of IR flares these could be more effective than in the old days. Not to mention such ones being loaded with chaff (as described for MBA systems in Mel Carpenter’s great book).
Also target marking with IR compositions comes to my mind.
Or am I off the track here?

I have one limited experence with one of these in 300 Savage. As a kid I was elk hunting with an old rancher when we spotted a porkipine. These little prickly creatures are a terror to young calves and ranchers kill every one they see. In this light when we saw the porky the rancher asked me to shoot it. Having a 300 Savage rifle and a Marsh flair, I shot the porky. The range was @25 yards. The porky just had a small amount of smoke ariseing from his entry wound. All of a sudden the flair did a 180 and came staight back at me. Being young and skinny at the time I was able to jump flatfooted high enough for the slow motion flair to pass underneath my spread legs. Cant say I looked back to see if it exploded.

Hi Vlad,

just take a look at the cartridge of the month April 2006 for more details.


and allthough not for the Marsh-Coulter, here is a package for flares from Karlyn

don’t be trown off by the number on the first cartridge. I had opened the package and
indexed the cartridge before I had scanned it


I recall having these in inventory in the 70’s and there being a variety of calibers. 30-30, '06, .35Rem. and others. They left a corrosive residue in the bore.

I have packets (mostly in lousy shape) of 300 Sav, 30-06 SPRG, 30-30 Win, 35 REM, and I think .308…also a couple of the Karlyn packets (generally worse shape) in 270 WIN and I think 300 WIN and .38 SPL. Bottom line; the rounds are not uncommon (for those who know what to look for/recognize) but the packets are generally opened, “beat up” and rarely mint


I’ve had these for awhile. An interesting way to call for help long before cell-phones.