Who made these flares and what type of projector were they used with. I say projector as it is clear that they screw onto the firing mechinism which I would guess is not a “gun” as such. They come with a plastic cap to protect the threads and hold the acorn headstamp 6mm starter blank in place. The longest one has an orange wad, the middle one is white and the shortest is red.




Could only find “close” in my NEW “TEAR GAS MUNITIONS” book. Pengun round apparently. And according to your described headstamp, the acorn denotes manufacture by Hagen. Here’s a pic of of their .22 blank and TG round. Most of the early riot control “arms” came from surplus flare launchers. Hagen appears to have been and maybe still is a large supplier of these type devices.
And then there’s Penguin Pengun



Hammer–Those look just like mine except mine are all plain aluminium instead of anodized like those in your picture. Who is the manufacture and model type of the projector?

Slickrick–I have the Swearengen book. By the way, I only paid $5.00 for it back about 1970 in a used book store. Like yours, it is in mint condition with dustjacket. I also have the Penguin cartridges you show the page for. The thread is different on these flares. I also have the Hagen cartridges. They come in a small flat round plastic box. They are used as a stand-alone tear-gas round in .22 pistols. They also made them in various scents of purfume. Those were an early attempt at a room freshner before aerisol cans were available. I have shot a few of these and if you shoot 4-6 of them, they actually do a pretty good job for about 10 minutes. The “Acorn” is not a headstamp for Hagen. It is the headstamp of R.W.S. and other associated companies of Germany who made 6mm starter pistol blanks sold in containers of many brands


This flares have M9x1 thread (standart) and use both .22 and central fire caps. Flares without threat produced as well (Comet 15-mm signalpatronen, Pains Wessex Miniflare Mk3)


I’ve also seen “bear bangers” produced in this configuration, that you could screw on in place of a flare, to (hopefully) scare off dangerous animals.