FLB .45 Auto blank for oil well punching operations

Here is a rare box of .45 Auto blanks for oil well punching operations specially made by FLB for YPF (Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales = Fiscal Oilfields). Cartridges inside have a special case 24 mm long with its mouth sealed with wax, purple annulus and 11,25 x 23 FLB 76/77 headstamp. Up to recent years these were only known with F.M.’‘F.L.B.’’ - 11,25 - 64/67/68 - headstamp, and coming from a different box. YPF blanks are also known in .38 S&W and .38 Special.

Hola! Fede,
I think that a better translation of the Spanish "Yacimientos Petroliferos Fiscal"
is “Government Petroleum Deposits”.
This would denote a Government (nationalised) Control of Argentine petroleum deposits (onshore and offshore)…as was the case from the Peron regime onwards.

The Term “Fiscal” in Spanish relates to the State Procurator (Legal) and also to things relating to the Functions of Gov’t, such as the Treasury (Fiscalia) etc.

The term “Fiscal” is also used in Scotland, to denote the Crown Prosecutor
( the Office of the Procurator Fiscal) and in general English usage to relate to the Financial world, as controlled by Government regulations etc. (Fiscal Year, etc). Other Romance Languages ( Italian etc) also use the term “Fiscal” in similar meanings.

Of course, I would not try to teach a Native Spanish speaker how to speak his own language, but sometimes there are Nuances in translation which may not be immediately evident.

Doc AV

DocAV, thanks for helping me with the translation, I wasn’t sure if it was correct. However, “Government Petrolum Deposits” translates as “Depósitos Petrolíferos del Gobierno”. I’ve searched for the translation used in official documents and is “Treasury Petroleum Fields”, which seems correct.