Flechette 18.5mm rounds (Sectioned)

I found this in the box of assorted ammo I bought last weekend at a flea market; anyone see these before? I had heard they were used in Viet Nam in the 1960’s. The flechette is attracted to a magnet but is very light in weight.

Nice box and a pretty hard one to find. Your information is correct. This is the standard late military packaging for the Winchester XM258 12ga. flechette. Here is a box from my collection:

This box still has the foil and kraft paper outer wrapper and you can see they used the same stick-on label as was used on the box itself. Earlier lots were delivered in 25-rd two piece boxes. Here’s an image of one in the Woodin Labs collection:

Both the Winchester and Remington flechette rounds are hard to find and might run $30-$40 when found. As you note, the flechettes themselves were pretty light and, although they extended the range of the 12ga. round, they certainly weren’t as devastating as their inflated reputation/legend would indicate. Still, they were apparently more popular in Marine Corps usage and some users did like them a a combat load. Congratulations on a good find.

dang !..nice flea market find !

a few 12 Ga flechette variations

Red plastic hull = Winchester
Green plastic hull = Remington

Pepper, great image! What was that 28 GA SMG?

this is what that sign says…the info I was given when puchased at SLICS circa 2000+…they can still be found

Winchester 28 Ga. Sub Machine Gun
14 mm Multiple Flechette

Tested at Rock Island ca. 1968

(Left) loaded w/ 10

Beyond cool! Flechettes rule :-) Definitely some sweet examples Jim & Pepper. The sectioned ones are fantastic.


EOD, here are a couple of pictures of the Winchester 28-gauge SMG shotgun and its “pre-fragmented” flechette load, from Swearengen’s “The World’s Fighting Shotguns”; apparently, the shotgun never made it into production, and the flechettes were tested in a firing fixture.

Pepper and SDC, thanks a lot! Great info on an interesting subject.

SDC, the flechettes with the pinched waist are really one of the most interesting of the small flechette designs I have seen. Thanks for posting.