Flechette loads in Germany

As I prepare a list of cartridges to take to the ECRA show, I would like to know if these SPIW or flechettes loads are allowed in Germany. Thanks for any help.

Hi Gary,

that sounds like an wasy question but I guess it’s not.

In General, small arms ammunition with sabots are not allowed in Germany (eg Remington accelerator).
As collectors we can have them as dummies (without powder) but live cartridges are a no-go.
But if I remember correctly, there is a specific sentence in the law, which says something like:
cartridges with sabots are not allowed for weapons with a rifled barrel.
Here is where the fun part starts. As far as I know, the SPIW weapons had a smooth Barrel. This would mean you can have the cartridges.
(Maybe Peter P. can add more to that, as he is an expert in this field).

What happens at customs is another story.
The flechettes are not easily identifiable as a sabotted cartridge. Could also be a “plastic” Trainings bullet.
Since the knowledge of customs is usually limited they will most likely not recognize what it is.
Of couse this is all without guarantee.


Hi Rene and Gary,

In Germany only the “flechettes” used in RIFLED barrels (under caliber size bullets) are forbidden, for reasons, that you couldnt find any rifling marks on a bullet, after firing it.
It does NOT affect the usual US-Flechettes from the XM-Series, as this ones where NOT for rifled barrels…all the Flechette guns where smoothbored, as a rifling would be counterproductive for fin stabilized “bullets”…i.e. the usual flechette… This is regulated in the Attachment 2 (of §2 Abs.2 to 4) of the gun law. There under Nr. 1.5.3 stay clearly, that the ban is only valid, FOR AMMUNITION used for GUNS with RIFLED BARRELS, where the bullets are smaller as the inside diameter of the barrel and where the bullets iself are inside a pusher-or Pulling"piece", which falls off, after leaving the barrel, are forbidden.
This is why the 30-30, or 30-06 (.308) Remington Accelerator Ammunitiion is in loaded condition forbidden in Germany, as this ammo IS intended for Rifles/guns with rifled barrels…
The XM-Series 5,8 or 5,6 are NOT for rifled barrels, and insofar not in the scope of the law.
In the old days there was a provision in the law, which has forbidden “Ammo with NEEDLETYPE bullets”…but this type of ammo is no longer mentioned in the law.


Thank you for the definitive information.