Does anyone know what these flechettes are from. I assume they are from some type of artillery round. When I got them they were literally bent into corkscrews. I hope that wasn’t the “normal” shape but as the result of being fired and I “ruined” them by strighting them out. Why the 3 different lengths (5, 4 & 3 inches)?

Ron, very interesting. I only met the shorter ones (different diameters) which seem to be the adopted models (three I know).
What is the shaft diameter of these?
As far as I have been told there were plenty of experiments including explosive ones and such ones being poisoned etc.
Hope somebody can help with more info.

The Russians actually copied them for their artillery and air to ground rockets. Two different lengths are known (to me).

EOD–The shaft diameter is 0.074 inch (1.88mm). I got all 3 of them some 25 years ago, if that makes a differance. The guy had a couple hundred of them. They were fireing range pick-ups, thus the “cork-screw” original condition. I can’t remember for sure but it might have been Wayne Markov that had them.

Ron, thank you for that info.