Fleet Week 2007 N.Y.C

Here is the Staten Island part of the Fleet Week. Happy Memorial Day to everyone, wheather you were in the military or (like me and Bill Clinton) not.
The photos show guns which fire ammunition, so I put them in this forum.


Nice pics of Fleet Week. Especially the gunmounts. Flashing back a few years, I recall the work (Painting, and some scraping of old paint, and then repainting, and then maybe paint some things, if we weren’t busy scraping. Haze gray. And Deck Gray. Maybe some white, too. And polish the brass. Did I mention we painted some?) that went on prior to events like this. Rust stains and dull brass, for some reason, were not allowed to be seen by the normal folk. And we mustn’t forget red lead. A primer of sorts. Supposed to stop the rust. Wonder what they use now? And if it, too, was as ineffective in rust prevention. Being a missile guy, we waxed our show missiles (T-SAMs). Nothing worse than dull missiles hanging from the rails. And just before running the missiles out on the launcher, we’d put pretty little swirls in the grease on the rails. Looked REAL nice. I don’t recall anyone EVER saying we had the prettiest greased rails in the Navy. Oh well. And hung some canvas for shade. Big on canvas awnings. A real pain. That stuff was heavy.

Sorry about the flashback. Just thought I’d throw that in.


Nice pictures of some wicked looking shooters. Don’t they install heads on the newest ships, if so glad I got out of the service when I did. See all the porta potty’s on the wharf :-) :-)

Hi, Vlad…Thanks for posting the photos…brings back memories also…although…us black gangers (snipes)…didn’t polish much brass and the sightseers usually were not allowed down in the engineering spaces. We don’t get to see much in the way of gray ships and blue water out here in Wyoming…Randy

Oh no Randy! Say it isn’t so. You were not a snipe, were you? Doesn’t the sun hurt your eyes??

gamgjm - I suppose the modern ships have real toilets but can you imagine asking a civilian to use one of the WW II and Korean War heads??

Rick - So you waxed your missles and greased your rails, huh? I can put a lot of spin on that statement. :) :)

Nice photos Vlad. Thanks for sharing them. I suppose there are some advantages to living in New Yawk.


Here’s a Memorial Day photo from a different era. Liberty Island in the background.

That’s me, fourth row, second from the left.


Getting close to Pier 49. Are those girls I see waitng on the dock??


Hey Ray

Yea. I was waiting for that. Tried to write it so’s it would be harder to twist.

Fourth row, second from left? HaHa.


Increadible photos, thanks everyone!!! I am so thankfull to all of you brave men for serving our Country and protecting freedom! THANK YOU BIG TIME! You are all extreamly appreciated!


Ray, by resizing the picture found you! No, think “modern” sailors would mutiny with the old troughs we used especially when someone sent lighted TP down the line! Saw the Arizona without the memorial in 1952 on the way home on the Repose as a patient. Modern ship ordnance is amazing. Thanks again for the posts.

Ray, what kind of airplanes are the deck?


Man, you’re really asking me to use up a lot of my remaining memory cells. Maybe there are some airdales who can correct me if I’m wrong but I think those along both sides aft of the island are F-2 Banshees and the dark colored ones on the stern are AD-4 Skyraiders. Although, looking at the folded wings of those on the starboard side, they may be F-9 Cougars.

Correction - those on the starboard side are F-2s with wing tip fuel tanks.


Yes, Ray…and still squinting 35 years later !!..Makes it hard to see all those headstamps !! Randy

Thanks Ray! Grately appreciate the extra memory cell usage :-)