Fleet Week NYC 1983

Here some old shots of me posing with Ray Meketa and Randy Hedeen (separately). Seriously, what are these ships? I don’t remember anything, cannot count back to 1983.

Which one is the ugly guy ?

Great pics! Is that a 3" gun and shell? Pics like that are awesome!



Is that young man your son? Or grandson?

You say you can’t remember 1983! Hell, I can’t remember what day it is.

The carrier appears to be one of the small escort or “jeep” carriers. She’s armed so must have been a ship of the line. That looks like a Banshee wing tip so it must have had a catapault.

The other is a Net Tender. At least that is what it looks like to me. Used to lay and maintain anti-submarine nets and such. Could also be a Coast Guard Lighthouse Tender.

Both of these are just my SWAG. Those are WW II and Korean War Classes. By 1983 they could have been something else altogether.


Well, the carrier might have been Intrepid.


The number on the stack appears to be an “11” which was the USS Intrepid, CV 11. But that was a WWII Essex Class carrier and a lot larger than the one pictured. I’m sure the original Intrepid is long gone but maybe a later Escort carrier was named after her. Again, just guessing.

PS - By golly Vlad, you might be right. I googled the USS Intrepid and she is still a floating museum. Her appearance has been changed and she looks a lot smaller in your photo. Must be the angle. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.


Yes, Intrepid is a museum now, about to go to dry dock for repairs next week. I went aboard Intrepid the very first day she became a museum, there were ex-sailors painting and repairing, they walked me around and told me cool war stories.

THe carrier is indeed the USS Intrepid. Believe the tip tank visible is on a P2V Neptune (loaded by crane, a carrier based aircraft.). The “net tender” is one of the Newport class LST (Landing ship tank) which replaced the old WW2 version that had the big clamshell doors at the bow.
All scrapped now.

How do they get the tanks off?

I’m getting old! Missing all those easy questions. :( :(

That IS the USS Boulder. LST 1190.

But, in my own defense, I’ve never seen an LST that looked that or a straight deck carrier with a starboard side elevator. (I know, I know, she doesn’t have a straight deck anymore).


Not all LST’s are scrapped. Here is the proof.

Here are more pics from Mass. to keep this thread going. Hotel California at the bottom.

“LCVP” not The last LST

[quote=“sksvlad”]Here are more pics from Mass. to keep this thread going. Hotel California at the bottom.


Looks like an enthusiastic crew. Any of these folks ammo collectors ?

Those are fantastic pics! Is that a 20 MM Gun they are shooting?