I was fortunate enoough to be at the St louis show yesterday. One of the last items I discovered and bought was a shot shell fletchette. It is obviously a Loaded NPE from Rem-UMC.

12 ga 3" Mag
Head Stamp REM-UMC Express With 3 rings on the brass
Green Ribed Paper Hull With Remington Express Kleanbore
Over stamped in Silver letters is the following
Aircraft Armaments Inc
Special RND

There are approximately 35 very sharp fletchetes in the case with a rolled crimp.

Can anyone enlighten me on this round?

Thanks to all of you who helped put a great show together,
Doug D


That’s a very good find if it’s all original. It was an AAI development that competed with the US SALVO cartridges in both SALVO I and SALVO II trials. It held 32 flechettes. AAI later went to the single flechette concept during the SPIW program. More modern shot-shell versions (Beehive) were used in Viet Nam.

As Yuri said, you need to search the Forum for threads that discussed the cartridge. Pepper has several good examples in his collection and is the go-to guy for verifying its authenticity. See also the book SPIW The Deadliest Weapon That Never Was.