Flobert 9mm headstamp

The Egestorff factory, which in 1911 was moved from Linden to Empelde, was in 1925 taken over by Dynamit AG.

Hello Aaron,

Here is The Georg Egestroff headstamp on a 9mm Flobert.
9mm Georg Egostroff

Your pinfire headstamp looks like an acorn and oak leaf. I’m not sure what the Egestroff headstamp is depicting but it doesn’t look like an acorn or oak leaf. Your headstamp does appear on Floberts but I haven’t seen it identify as to the maker. I guess RWS would be a good guess.


It reminds me of a hazel nut

“Buchel Marke” uses an old word to refer to the nuts produced by the European beech, more commonly known as Bucheckern in German. The Buchel headstamp shown by Rimfire (message 21) shows on the left a beech nut cupule [at least that is how Wikipedia calls it] and on the right clearly a beech leaf. This leaf is very different in shape from the oak leaf used by the “Eichel Marke”.


Beech nut:

I see the resemblance.

It’s odd they would both have such similar headstamps. Maybe one was trying to copy the other?

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