Flobert & Tillet

Can any of our European collectors tell me when Flobert and Tillet, a Paris, were in business? This is Flobert the patentee of the Flobert cartridge. Tillet appears to be a business partner for some years. I came across a Flobert box with Flobert and Tillet on the label. Also, I have an early percussion cap resembling the early flobert thick rim cartridge and was wondering when the partnership started and ended.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hey Will, I would like to see a picture of this box if you ever get a chance.

Also, they were at least in business on 18 May 1846 when they filed the 15-year patent 3589 (you can click them for larger images)

Hi Will,

Quick photo from a catalogue I have shows, or would infer that it had ended by 1884.


Here are Will’s boxes:

He noticed that the second has a medal dated 1855 and Tillet is missing on that one. So that led him to believe that they were in partnership of some form from 1846 to after 1851 but no later than 1854.

9mm Flobert & Tillet:

9mm Flobert without Tillet:

6mm Flobert without Tillet: